Silk Plant Jungle® artificial plants, trees, palms, outdoor indoor topiary.
   Established 1979          Established 1979

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ONLY PRICE THAT MATTERS IS TOTAL DELIVERED PRICE  We DO NOT add sales tax during checkout or use pricing games and gimmicks. Which is the lowest delivered price $150. + $25. shipping OR $175. + free shipping + up to 12.725% sales tax, $200. + free shipping, $195. + $5. shipping, $140. + $60. shipping. Many companies add sales tax during checkout and some companies keep that money and do not pay the state, raise product price by adding all or some of the shipping cost into product's price then claim free or low shipping, lower product price then raise shipping cost or advertise a ridiculously high regular price then claim a huge discount to try and trick you into buying from them. Companies that claim free or low shipping say if you return order the actual shipping cost to you is deducted from refund which means shipping was not free or low.

ONLY SHIPPING DATE THAT MATTERS IS SCHEDULED DELIVERY DATE  When a shipping label is made the freight company provides a scheduled delivery date ( the same as if you went into a FedEx or UPS store to ship something ). We advertise scheduled delivery date 1 to 5 business days to street address in United States 48 states. We advertise scheduled delivery date because it is a combination of number of days to ship out and number of days of transit time. Many other companies take 3 or more business days to just ship out and some then offer expedited shipping for a lot more money which means their scheduled delivery date is the same or longer than our scheduled delivery date. Anyone advertising order WILL BE delivered by a specific date is not being honest. Common sense tells you some thing uncontrollable such as bad weather can delay delivery.

METHOD OF PAYMENT  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit or debit cards. Check out is fast and easy. You DO NOT have to create an account. We receive bill to and ship to address, we do not receive payment information. Payments are securely processed through who is the oldest and largest internet payment processing company.

OUTDOOR TOPIARY LEAF MATERIAL  Most companies put topiaries for outdoor use in their website's silk topiary section. They may even call them silk topiary, written description may say nothing about material leaves are made of or say material is silk, synthetic silk, poly silk, poly blend, polyester and even rubber. All artificial topiary for outdoor use are made of polyethylene ( PE ) polymer plastic leaves.

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